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Happy Birthday to Us!

Our first birthday is coming up. And while we’re giving you the gifts and not accepting them, we thought it’d still be fun to look up some first birthday traditions.

Like where did the smash cake come from? Sure, little babies look adorable with cake on their faces and it makes for cute pictures, but it seems kind of… odd... doesn’t it? Every other day of their life that child is told not to make a mess… but on that one day, it’s encouraged!

So we were curious- how did it start out?

One theory is that it comes from a Mexican tradition called the Morida. It’s a traditional party of the party where the baby’s face is shoved into the cake by mom or dad to take their first bite. The guests chant “Mordida!!! Mordida!!”, which means ‘bite’ in Spanish. The candles are blown out and then- boom- face, meet cake.

While we won’t be smashing our faces in cake any time soon (it’s definitely not as cute as an adult…) we do want to reflect back on our first year of success. What’s your favorite Cookie Destiny memory? Shoot us an email or leave us a review. It’ll be like sending us a birthday card.

And don’t forget, the best gift you can give to us is your business and referrals. We hope to see you in the store or at a show soon!

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