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Building the Perfect Easter Basket

The Easter Bunny will be visiting us soon, but you may need to prepare other baskets he isn’t bringing. Your company, church or social club may have baskets to raffle off, give away or donate to a child in need. Baskets can get expensive, but we’re here to help and offer some advice on fillers that won’t break the bank.

1. Small Toys.

  • A deck of cards, puzzles, toy cars or puzzle books are great for all ages and can offer lasting fun. They’re great for families, since most games can be played together.

2. Bubbles

  • The weather’s getting warmer and it’s a proven fact (well, we can’t technically prove it…) that all kids love bubbles. They’re a fun way to get everyone outside, shake off the cabin fever of winter and soak up some Vitamin D.

3. Other outdoor toys

  • Jump rope, frisbees and sidewalk chalk are great ways to get the kids outside while you do the spring cleaning. And luckily, wit h spring comes showers, so the driveway creations won’t be around for long ;).


  • This is no doubt our FAVORITE thing to find in an Easter basket. An everyday favorite like chocolate chip or brownie will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face. But Cookie Destiny is here with your Easter favorites, in hand-cut, iced sugar cookie form. Choose from Easter mascots like the Bunny or Chick, or choose a springtime symbol like a tulip or daisy. Either way, these tasty additions will surely light up any Easter basket.

Call us today or shoot us an email to place your order!

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